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studio is a one of custom design tattoo shop based in long beach road Marmaris. We have artists who specializes in realistic portraits tattoos, photo realistic colour tattoos, cover up tattoos, 3-D tattoos, old school tattoos, neo traditional tattoos, new school tattoos, dot work tattoos, script tattoos and black and grey tattoos. Artists offering high quality tattoos done to a professional standard. Prices for tattoos may be based on size, but also are based on how detailed the tattoo is.

The best call to the shop for more information.

Bring in your ideas and all of us here at Marmaris Tattoo will assist you in making sure you receive the tattoo you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life.
Aside from custom tattoo work, we offer a huge range of tattoo flash for you to choose from.
Come down to Marmaris Tattoo studio and see what our family of tattoo experts can do for you.

Why Marmaris Tattoo?

Your tattoos are guaranteed,all materieals (needle,tip,ink,paint pot,stencil and other materials)are single use for each person,all certificates (tattoo studio,master tattoo artist and hygiene certificates) are provided by the state and controlled regular.

Your tattoo is life time permanent and very importand for your health, dont risk your health.even if you buy your tattoo from somewhere else please ask our registered experts for the right choice.
hope to be happy thanks...

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